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Welcome to the craftsman workshop

Shuffle Personal Computers specializes in building custom workstation and gaming computers for clients. We take the time to know your needs and discuss the best solution for the intended task. Whether you are working within a budget, specific build requirements or a general idea, we are ready to help you get up and running.


Mubea Road
Nairobi, Kenya


Monday to Saturday
9:am to 5pm
Tel: 0720 509 737

Build Categories

Why build with Shuffle...

Quality: Before we deliver your PC, we make sure to stress test, benchmark and provide you with a report containing all the numbers. We are always striving to improve our expertise and quality control.

Guaranteed solutions: We take the time to help you choose the best available build spec considering factors such as budget, market trends and use case. We take the time to research for you so you don't have to worry about the end product.

Fair pricing: We help you look for the best deals available and provide you an accurate quote. No hidden costs and always up to date with worldwide price trends. If the cost of an item reduces you benefit too.

Support: We're always open to helping you sort technical issues that may arise even if it is not related to the build hardware. We aim to help you enjoy the Shuffle PC and have as little downtime as possible.

Control: You have control over all the aspects of your build. No compromises since you can choose what parts you want. Price is the limiting factor.


All build orders are delivered within 21 days from date of purchase unless specified otherwise. This time is adequate to import parts, assemble and test your machine before delivery.

Purchase Process

1. Request a quotation
2. Receive quote response within 3 days.
3. Contact us via email or simply call to discuss requirements
4. Place order by depositing 60% of the final quote value.
5. Delivery within 10 working days. (Door to door or Pickup)

No. We do not offer installment payment plans. As of writing the client is required to place a 60% deposit payment and clear the balance on or before delivery of your order.

For all fully built PCs we offer a 1 year warranty cover. Furthermore all new parts are covered by manufacturer warranty if we need to request a replacement part. We also offer support to our clients and help them overcome technical hurdles that may arise during use.

No, we do not stock most parts locally and import on order. Delivery within 21 days unless stated otherwise. If you need a part simply request a quotation and we will response as soon as possible.

SPCS located on Mubea Road, Donholm - Nairobi.






Please provide as much information as possible. For example:
1. Workstation / Gaming computer
2. Your budget
3. Hardware specs or preferences

Budget Build

The budget build is a custom solution aimed at delivering best bang for the buck. We use both old and new tech to assemble a PC that will execute all your office (and gaming) tasks at a pocket friendly price.

Premium Build

The premium build is a machine based on the latest platforms available. It offers luxury of the latest PC tech and convenience of an upgrade path over its lifetime. This is a build suitable for professionals starting out, looking for a balance of value, performance and long term use.

Enthusiast Build

The enthusiast build is a no compromise, no none-sense PC whose sole purpose is to crunch numbers and make you smile. Glamour aside, when you need a High End Desktop (HEDT) build to get all your work done under tight timelines, the enthusiast build is designed to never fail. We'll utilize the best parts to build, set up and test a PC worthy of the workstation moniker.